Augmenting Human Intelligence

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What inspires us?

“We have to equip machines with a model of the environment. If a machine does not have a model of reality, you cannot expect the machine to behave intelligently in that reality. The first step, one that will take place in maybe 10 years, is that conceptual models of reality will be programmed by humans.”
~ Judea Pearl


Aptlyf is a consumer tech company based of Pune. We are building an Artificial General Intelligence platform. The indigenous technology helps store common sense deterministically and program intelligent conversation with human. As we evolve, so will our products and the ways in which they transform how people and organizations interact with data. The bottom line is to build a lens to enable users to see a new world rather than features to help them see an old world better.

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We are building a technology driven consumer brand. If you want to stare into the face of real problems and have the freedom to solve them, we want to work with you. Your idea can affect millions of lives.
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